The Moringa Family donates N95 masks to save lives



Our mission is to grow a new generation of sustained and accessible health in the most natural way in the food and drink we consume on a daily basis. Our Moringa is already helping many people from the cradle to later stages of life and in some cases saving people’s lives.

We were delighted to accept the opportunity to provide and supply as many of London’s Residential Care and Nursing Homes, Sheltered Housing and Personal Home Care services with high quality N95 face masks FREE of charge. 


We will deliver our N95 high spec protective face masks to staff and residents who we know are at greater risk of becoming infected. 

In current news, we have come to learn that only a few days ago the delivery of much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) was flown in from Turkey for our NHS frontline workers.  However, how long will it take for these to reach Residential Homes and home care services?

The Elderly and those who care for them are at greater risk due to declining health conditions which lower the immune system making them more susceptible to the virus. TMFG will actively maintain contacts and communications with all services going forward because we believe that health is for life, not just in challenging times.

TMFG LTD will cover 20% of each face mask donated. We believe that reaching our target could help to supply around 349 residential care homes in Greater London with these highly protective face masks. This campaign will enable us to continue to improve the health of everyone during these health challenging times and beyond.  Each home we supply will also receive FREE samples of our Moringa teas for residents and staff.

Our long term aim is not just to provide face masks but to educate people about the benefits of using moringa as part of the daily regime. TMFG intends to continue in its mission to change the health of the growing generation in many years to come.


This highly protective mask is designed in such a way to fit the face very closely and comfortably, each mask offers an efficient filtration of many airborne particles. The N95 means that this mask blocks at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) test particles.


The Moringa Family Group Ltd (TMFG) initially came together mid 2016 and became incorporated in the United Kingdom in July 2018 and later in the State of Grenada in September 2018. We are proud to specialise in the growth and nurture of Grenadian Moringa in the St Andrew district, where the volcanic soil and ideal climatic conditions produce fruit and vegetables with high nutrient profiles. Our competitive advantage is built on high quality and reliability. Few companies can boast of providing an agricultural product straight from the source, as growers and producers. Therefore, quality control is firmly in our own hands.

Moringa is one of the worlds leading superfoods, offering a powerhouse of minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids.  In addition to helping people on a daily basis with our extensive knowledge and high quality home grown Moringa, my brother Leroy and I wanted to extend our arms in helping people live well for longer.

Leroy said, ‘We have always been about ‘More Life’ for people, our passion stems from our own past personal health challenges and that of our family members, particularly our grandmother who has been battling with a number of ailments, such as diabetes, cancer, hypotension and arthritis . 

As a result of taking our Moringa everyday, consisting of Moringa Spring Water (the first of its kind), Moringa Tablets and Teas for the past two years, she has shown incredible signs of improvement, which has been witnessed by her own nurse and backed up by her medical charts. 

In times of COVID-19 and thereafter, Moringa as a great immune booster will help to sustain and enhance everyone’s health to optimum levels. 


Find out more about the World Health Organisations view in the article below.
Does Moringa protect you from the Coronavirus

We thank you for your time and anything you can manage will be most appreciated.

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Moringa Blessings!
Rona & Leroy

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