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About Us

The Moringa Family Group Ltd initially came together mid 2016 and became incorporated in the United Kingdom in July 2018 and later in the State of Grenada in September 2018. We are proud to specialise in the growth and nurture of Grenada Moringa in the St Andrew district, where the volcanic soil and ideal climatic conditions produce fruit and vegetables with high nutrient profiles. Our competitive advantage is built on high quality and reliability. Few companies can boast of providing an agricultural product straight from the source, as growers and producers. Therefore, quality control is firmly in our own hands.

High Grade Moringa grown under organic conditions

We work hard to ensure our land workers are fully informed about the way they work the land, from being responsible for their own health and safety as well as others. Providing workers with the correct equipment and protective clothing when handling trees and preparing for cropping. We take every step to ensure our moringa reaches you in the best possible condition.

Volcanic & Virgin Soil

We are proud to boast our land is the most superior in the region. We are the first to grow and harvest on clean soil.

Working with local farmers

Through our -Farmers Enterprise- Initiative, we aim to work with local farmers and local communities to assist them in how to grow high grade moringa, and how to maintain the land. We will introduce a quality assurance programme that will involve regular soil and moringa powder testing by an accredited laboratory in the UK.

Creating a new industry here in the UK and globally

We will be the first to create a new industry from the UK to the place of origin, creating employment opportunities for local farmers and their families alongside external partners and agencies such as schools and local government.

Our Trees are grown within the rainforest of the caribbean

We are the first to have discovered a rainforest on our farm. The water supplied by the rainforest is used to feed our land and our trees. Nothing goes to waste, in order to be become sustainable we look to ways that this can be achieved from our seeds to our water.

Moringa Education

Generation by generation we will endeavour to reach far and wide to spread the word and to help imbed the message of how important and powerful moringa is to sustain a long and healthier lifestyle. One person at a time, we all have a shared responsibility to share where possible the life benefits of one of the most nutritional plants on the planet.

Moringa Tablets

People Using Moringa


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Health Benefits


Here are just a handful of testimonials from some people that have taken part in our trials and gone on to be fully fledged happy customers!!

I'm not really an avid water drinker, but this water was something else! Immediately you know that you are drinking something healthy. The scent of the moringa is so earthy, it tastes like a light herbal tea... and its clear!

A. Bailey

Head Chef

The water is amazing, my high pressured job means i struggle to find time to eat at the right times, i constantly worry about my weight and my energy levels, but the water is changing everything! Im off on my holidays soon, and im taking my supply with me!

C. Calliste


I've been taking the tablets and drinking the water for over four months now, and i absolutely love them! I can see what these are doing for me and hearing what my family is saying to me. The most significant change is to my skin.



I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, which my GP was slightly concerned about. Since taking part in the two week trial of taking three moringa tablets a day and drinking the moringa water, 1litre per day, i have noticed some significant changes to my body.

J. Green


Since drinking the water, i have felt more energised, i often have problems with my stomach, indigestion and trapped wind, but i have noticed after just one week of drinking the moringa water, i am more regular to the bathroom. I love the taste of the water, i know exactly what im drinking!

J Dapaoh

Charity Founder

As a regular gym goer and weight trainer, i drink Moringa Water everyday. I usually suffer from lactic acid build up around my biceps during my training sessions, this causes my muscles to cease up. I now can push more weights in smaller amount of time... I love that i have more endurance

B. Miller

Property Developer

Our Team

TMFG Leroy

Leroy Tulloch


Also known as the “Moringa Man”, I take care of the operational aspects of our farm, taking full advantage of all business opportunities that come our way.

Rona Dixon-Bowden

Head of Business Operations

I make sure the business runs smoothly on a day to day basis, ensuring the team are kept in the loop by steering and developing all operational decisions within the company in order for us to grow.

Ricardo Dee Williams

Communications, Health & Wellbeing

I take care of the communications and media areas of the company. Seeking out opportunities to share with the world, who we are and what we do. ALL MORINGA MATTERS!

Li Zhenbiao

International Wholesale

My main area is seeking out international business opportunities with China and with the Chinese health industry here in the UK.


Dez Vyzelman


I generally consult the company on matters concerning marketing strategies, product and packaging development and sales.

Dayne Linx

Head IT and Web Services

Our chief techie, responsible for IT infrastructure and the reason why your on this site!