Moringa has become very popular in recent years. But what are some of the moringa health benefits? Researchers say it can help with bone health, anemia and all kinds of diseases. In today's video, I want to talk about 14 proven benefits of moringa based on science and its uses.

Harvested from the seeds of the Moringa tree, this oil is technically an antioxidant that has antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also a great exfoliant, making it the ideal beauty oil for those with blemish-prone skin. But its benefits are more than skin-deep—it’s packed with vitamins A, B and C to strengthen and smooth hair and even boost your overall well-being. What are the benefits of using moringa oil? Because of its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, it staves off acne-causing bacteria better than any other popular oil. It also helps to fight the signs of aging skin by boosting moisture and improving texture and smoothness. Lets take a look at the benefits 1 Moisturizes Dry Skin Applying Moringa oil to your skin unlocks its moisturizing and emollient properties, which can help the skin retain moisture and prevent inflammation or flaking. [2] This